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Best practices for podcasting's open infrastructure

An open ecosystem with best practice

A work in progress, this website is intended to be a non-opinionated guide to being the best citizen in the open podcast ecosystem. It is a Github website, open for anyone to edit, add to, or debate.

Language used here

This website is guided by independence, pragmatism and minimalism. Minimum features should be simple to implement, require no specific skills or proprietary libraries, and should be well supported by the industry.

“Ensure” - this is the minimum that the industry expects. While you won’t be blocked for not doing this (in most cases), you’ll show respect for the ecosystem if you complete these bare minimum requirements. There are very few throughout this document.

“Consider” - it would be great if you can also do this. Not every part of the ecosystem relies on this, but advanced podcasters and hosting companies will make use of additional features if you can implement them.

For podcast app developers

For podcast hosting companies

For podcast publishers


You can give feedback by either opening an ‘issue’ or by submitting a pull request with an edit.


After many years of attempting to set up a committee for this work, it’s easier, for now, for this piece of work to be run by a benevolent dictator, in the shape of James Cridland. Individual authors are credited on individual pages of this website.

Privacy Policy

This website is hosted on Github; no site logs are kept, and no cookies are used. It additionally uses FontAwesome’s CDN. If you wish to use Github features, Github’s privacy policy applies.

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