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Best practices for podcasting's open infrastructure

Get the order right, and respect serial podcasts

Ensure that your app supports the itunes:type field. Serial podcasts, where a story slowly unfolds over a period of shows, are a growing part of podcasting, and the order of these shows is important. (Nobody wants to find out whodunnit by mistake!)

If you see <itunes:type>serial</itunes:type> in the RSS feed, ensure that your app behaves as a user expects:

  1. Ensure you use the <itunes:episode> tag to order the episodes so that the first episode is visible at the top of the list.
  2. If a show has more than one season, ensure you use the the <itunes:season> tag to show the newest season to a user first. So if a podcast is up to season five, a new listener should initially see Season 5.

Tip: Make it easy to navigate subsequent seasons. Some serial podcasts, like fiction podcasts, are designed to be listened to in season order, as well as the correct order within a season.

Consider showing a trailer, if one exists, prominently at the top of any episode list. Consider hiding this trailer once a user has listened to it.

Tip: The PodClock podcast app testing feed has two seasons. Season one contains a number of esoteric tests; season two contains one episode with a ‘clock’ download timer.

Tip: RSS feeds are usually ordered in date order, with the newest episode first: but apps shouldn’t rely on the order of the RSS feed for display purposes. If season and episode numbers are being used, use those instead to order your episodes.

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